Mollagara Mineral Body Mask

In 1895, Mollagara Lake has recognized for its naturally healing properties and by 1900 a mud bath was built to help people heal naturally through the mineral-rich muds found on the ancient bed of the Amudarya River.

By the year 1925, Mollagara was included in the list of resorts to visit in the then USSR, and over the years hundreds of thousands of people have sought it out seeking physical healing and restorative rejuvenation.

Our Mollagara Mineral Body Mask is made of the same sulfides and silt mud extracted from the bottom of this lake and contains the same balanced complex of mineral salts, trace elements, and biologically active substances that offer natural therapeutic properties.

This natural mineral mask of pure mud is designed to help eliminate inflammation in the skin while nourishing skin deep within your pores. In fact, it can help reduce acne breakouts, redness, and oily shine by moisturizing and revitalizing your skin while also helping to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging.

Most importantly, our 100% organic product helps restore your supple firmness and radiant tone to give you a more natural, balanced look.

Mollagara Volcanic Face Mask and Mineral Body Mask are the 100% organic products, made exclusively from natural ingredients, and do not contain any artificial additives. Like our other products, our mud meets state Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan standards for use in spas and medical and recreational facilities.

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