This rich, restorative mud facial mask is carefully harvested from the mud volcanos and salt lakes that have existed on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea for millions of years.

Taken directly from the deep, natural muds of the Hekpatlavuk, Pink Porsugel, and Akpatlavuk volcanoes, these untouched mud beds are rich in organic minerals and boast high microbiological activity, truly setting them apart from other muds around the world.

Gentle on dry, sensitive or irritated skin, our Mollagara face mask features natural, active anti-inflammatories for bio-stimulating support that activates microcirculation in the skin to clean, clarify, and protect your face. It also helps relieve redness and reduces inflammation to help you fight acne breakouts and restore balanced tone and clarity.

Mollagara Facial Mask is organically free of impurities and has been properly analyzed to ensure its safety and effectiveness of use. The mask is offered in one-time used packets to help eliminate impurities while restoring youthful radiance, suppleness, and firmness from its first-time use.

Mollagara Volcanic Face Mask and Mineral Body Mask are the 100% organic products, made exclusively from natural ingredients, and do not contain any artificial additives. Like our other products, our mud meets the state Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan standards for use in spas and medical and recreational facilities.

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