Located in the eastern part of the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan the Kara-Bogaz-Gol (Garabogazköl) is a lagoon, surrounded by an exclusive reserve that covers an approximate area of  18,000 sq. km.  This untouched and remote body of water surrounded by the ancient sands of the Karakum desert, Mollagara sea bath salt is chosen for its natural purity and its unique rich mineral content. Once used the beneficial effects on the human body are almost immediate.

Composed of a diversity of salts in the form of delicate crystals unique to the Caspian sea, it includes not only table salt (NaCl) but also Epsom salt (MgSO4) and Glauber’s salt (NaSO4) as well as several major and minor minerals and organic sediments that are naturally formed over hundreds of thousands of years. 

This unique natural chemical composition of bath salts extracted from the lagoon is enhanced by the addiction of active natural plant extracts and moisturizing oils. The combination allows us to develop a richer, more effective sea bath salt formulation that helps rejuvenate the body and mind and nourish whilst nourishing your skin with nature’s best ingredients.

In daily life, Mollagara sea salt can be used as a restorative, supportive and cosmetic agent. Its unique natural ingredients promote proper immunological, hormonal and metabolic balance in our bodies while enabling us to stimulate healthier functioning bones, joints, and muscles.

Furthermore the Mollagara Caspian sea bath salt, due to its rich ingredients, actively stimulates nerve endings, promotes cell regeneration and provides for younger looking skin. It also targets cellulite, while restoring natural elasticity of the blood vessels improving circulation, and supporting the healing of wounds.

For youthful and supple looking skin try one of our Mollagara Bath Salt options today.

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